Our Organization

The money you deserve delivered.

Charles Refund Recovery is a service that locates abandoned funds on behalf of their rightful owner. We have a proven track record in claiming lost, abandoned and unclaimed funds, and we’re confident we can help you too.

Our goal is to make sure that our customers get all the money they deserve.

Who are we?

We are a small group of dedicated professionals devoted to locating abandoned sums of money in Maryland and throughout the country. If you received a call or a letter from us, it’s because we’ve found funds being held by the government that may be lawfully yours.

We’ll never charge upfront fees or any hidden charges.

We work on contingency, and we only get paid when we are successful in recovering funds for our customers. There are no upfront fees or hidden charges that you will have to pay.

How does Charles Refund Recovery Service work?

Charles Refund Recovery works with you to find your refund and the following steps to get it. We specialize in government refunds, which can be a tricky process.

We know the “ins and outs” of government agencies in all states. Hence, if any government agency is holding your funds, we know how to get them! We understand that good news should be delivered fast.

We go beyond lengths and your expectation to recover the unclaimed funds that you deserve.

Our Mission

If a claim for your funds isn’t made in time, the funds often “escheat” to the agency holding them. Hence, you can no longer claim them. Charles Refund Recovery Services ensure that it’s your money, and the government shouldn’t be able to take it from you.

Our mission is to stop this before it happens to anyone. We review government files and documents for these unclaimed funds. When we find them, we make it our personal mission to reunite them with their rightful and legitimate owner.

Our Vision

We’d love to see you reclaim the funds we’ve found for you! What would you do with a great, unexpected payday? In today’s economy, everyone’s got a use for extra money. Let’s make sure the government doesn’t end up with it!