Through which resources did you find out about this money?

We audit and review several government-based agencies consistently to find unclaimed funds that belong to citizens like yourself.

How Did You Find Me?

We usually find our potential clients through skip tracing and internet research.

What is the amount of my claim, and where is it located?

As soon as you have consented and signed our contingency fee agreement, we will reveal the amount and location of the funds.

Is there any way to find this money through my own research?

There is no way to find these unclaimed funds on any site because the agencies that we audit DO NOT post it. However, you can search and try to find it yourself. If you do find unclaimed funds, they are NOT the funds we’ve located for you.

What makes your company a great choice for me to work with?

You will be informed about the agency’s existence holding the funds since most of the funds we locate aren’t available by internet searching. We provide aid to our clients to get the Refund recovery process started.

Any other concerns?

For further inquiries, please contact us by phone. We are ready to assist you. Dial (800)402-0685 today.